Computing - SSH

SSH is a secure protocol for communicating with a remote computer. As a command-line tool, it acts as a secure alternative to telnet. As a file-transfer tool (Secure FTP, or SFTP), it acts as a secure alternative to ftp.


  • An account on a Linux server
  • An SSH client (look here if you don't already have one)

Starting an SSH session

  1. Start up your SSH client and create a new connection.
  2. Specify the host to be the server you have an account on.
  3. Specify the user to be your username on that server. This name is case-sensitive.
  4. If asked for a port number, you should choose 22.
  5. You should be asked for your password. After entering this, you should be presented with a command-prompt, at which you may begin typing Unix commands.

Ending an SSH session
At the command line, simply type "exit". Close your SSH client if it is still open.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Scott Martin (916-734-4595, ).

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