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Begin a new study
To prepare for a new study at the Imaging Research Center, please follow these steps:
1. Download and fill out this form: New Protocol Initiation (PDF)
2. Attach your protocol for review of safety issues and technical feasibility.
3. Attach your approved UC Davis IRB consent forms or Animal Use Protocol.
4. Submit the completed application to Jessica Hicks (916-734-4528, ). Please allow two weeks for technical review and processing. Once your protocol is approved, you will want to reserve time with the approprate resources (e.g. the Siemens 3T or a behavioral testing room, see below). Use of the MRI scanners is billed on an hourly basis.

Apply for pilot time
Investigators can request up to 30 hours of MRI scanner time at the Imaging Research Center for pilot research projects for which other support is not available. To apply for pilot time, please read these instructions.

Scheduling/Billing Policy

Reserve resources
The MRI scanners, the mock scanner, and the behavioral testing rooms may all be reserved by qualified users at the IRC Calendar site. Please contact Scott Martin (916-734-4595) for the necessary username/password information.

Join the mailing list
The fmri-mri-group mailing list is a primary resource for daily information about scanner status and scheduling at the Imaging Research Center. Please contact Scott Martin (916-734-4595, ) to have your email address added.



Pre-MRI Screening Questionnaire (for research subjects)

Pre-MRI Volunteer Consent Form (for volunteers that assist with testing, etc)



Get Safety Trained
All research staff that use the MRI scanners must undergo onsite safety-training with annual renewals. Please visit this page to learn more.

Safety Policy

Learn to Operate an MRI Scanner
Scanner operator training allows the user to operate the MRI scanner independently of the MRI technologist. At the IRC we have three scanners: 1) GE 1.5T, 2) Siemens TIM Trio 3T, and 3) Siemens Skyra 3T. Undergraduates are not eligible for operator training. To be eligible to attend scanner operator training, the participant must have completed and be current with MRI safety training. Indicate whether the training request is for the GE 1.5 or the Siemens 3T. Training is on a first-come, first-served basis. The training consists of four 2-hour sessions and is limited in class size. To request "Scanner Operator Training" please email Jerry Sonico at .

TIM TRIO Quicknotes for operators

TIM TRIO training videos

Technical Documentation for Researchers



Access data and computing resources
Click the heading above to learn more about acquiring, formatting, and processing your scan data.