Get Started - Orientation and Operations Manual

  1. MAIN DOCUMENT: Procedure Manual pdf
  2. SUPPORT: Regular Research Procedure Request Form and Instructions pdf
  3. SUPPORT: MRI Research Project Proposal Form and Instructions pdf
  4. SUPPORT: MRI Scan Parameter Spreadsheet pdf
  5. SCAN CONFIRMATION: MRI Scanning Session Information Form pdf
  6. BILLING: (a) Billing Procedures pdf (b) MRI Physics Support pdf
  7. SAFETY: Pre-MRI Screening Questionnaire pdf
  8. SAFETY: Pre-MRI Screening Questionnaire: Purpose and Rationale pdf
  9. SAFETY: MRI Safety Program for the UC Davis Imaging Research Center pdf
  10. PERSONNEL: MRI Research Technologist: Specific Skills, Knowledge and Abilities pdf
  11. HELP GUIDE: Guide to Setting up an MRI Research Project pdf
  12. HELP GUIDE: Sample Experimental Design for fMRI Research Project pdf
  13. MRUG: Forms used in the evaluation of research project proposals
    (a) Research Proposal Evaluation Form pdf
    (b) Research Proposal Review Summary pdf
  14. MRI Emergency Procedures pdf
  15. Animal Handling and Cleanup pdf

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