3T Audio

3T Audio Wiring Diagram


Built-in Siemens Sound System

There are left and right channel inputs on the back of the console desk labeled "music". These use RCA connectors. There is a speaker on the ceiling in the scanner room. There is a pneumatic headphone jack at the base of the scanner table. The pneumatic headphones are in the middle cabinet along the west wall. Volume controls for both the speaker and the headphones may be found on the front of the scanner with the rest of the table controls.

There is a sound control box on the console desk. There is a button labeled with a picture of an ear. This allows you to hear what's going on in the scanner room. There is a second button labeled with a picture of musical notes. This allows audio to enter the scanner room from the stimulus presentation computer. To determine whether audio from the stimulus presentation computer is making its way into the scanner room, both of these buttons should be lit up. All pertinent volume knobs may need to be turned up.

Confon Sound System

Power on-
Amp- press button on upper back corner of unit
Mic- toggle on Phone-or control box
Power off-
Amp- simultaneous press and hold of load/start buttons on front of unit
Mic- toggle off
Headphone volume-
Master volume control knob- controls input device volume i.e.; PC,DVD
Operator (desk) mic volume-
Press and hold Patient (green) button on mic stand, adjust voice volume using Left volume control knob on amp
Subject (patient) mic volume-
Press Master volume control knob (note change in screen menu), adjust subject (patient) voice response volume using Left volume control knob


Volume units are db steps ranging from 0 (loudest) to -30 (quietest). Sound input (PC,DVD) default setting is StimIn1, this should not need to change. When adjusting subject mic volume, the mic menu will only stay active for 2secs after pressing the Master volume knob unless changes are actively being made. Subject mic is directionally sensitive, for best results position mic directly over subjects’ lips. The operator can hear the stimuli in the control room via the Siemens sound control box as before.

Noise-Canceling Microphone