3T Video

3T Video Wiring Diagram

Projector is controlled using the buttons located on the rear of the projector or using the remote or with limited control using a PC software interface on the Eye Tracker PC.

The default video source is from the Presentation PC using a DVI cable. An accessory video source (laptop) may be connected to the projector using the supplied VGA cable. The video source will have to be adjusted accordingly.


Turning the projector on and off

The projector is in standby mode when the power indicator shines orange. Hold the On/Standby button for at least two seconds to wake it up. The power indicator will flash orange for a minute or more while the bulbs are heated. Solid green means the bulbs are on. You should see an image.

To turn the projector off, hold the On/Standby button for at least two seconds. The power light will flash as the unit goes into standby mode. Leave the power cord attached to let the projector cool itself properly.

Adjusting the Projector

Control from the Eye-Tracker PC

Limited functionality of the projector may be controlled using Digital Projection software. This software is on the Eye-tracker PC which is connected to the projector via a USB cable. At the eye-tracker PC:

This software will control on/off, video source, as well as image brightness and contrast ratio. The default source is Digital1. The supplied VGA cable is connected to source RGB2. Be sure to return all settings back to the default configuration.

(Scott has the projector control software on CD. He also has an ISO file of this CD.)

Using the Telephoto Lens

Projector may be set up for "in the bore" projection using the accessory telephoto lens. To use this lens move projector rearward allowing enough table space for the telephoto lens. Remove the standard lens by removing securing screws. Cover exposed lens orifice using supplied clear glass plate and screws. Place telephoto lens directly in front of projector aiming through the waveguide. Projector screen should be placed over the subject at the base of the head coil, allowing screen to be viewed through the head coil mirror. A 6in x 9in image may be focused onto this screen when the subject is in scanning position.

Replacing the lamp

Lamp life is approx 2000hrs. If projector lamp does not light after checking for power etc, lamp may need replacing. A backup replacement lamp is located on one of the back shelves in the 1.5T equipment room. This operation should be performed by IRC authorized personnel only.

The lamp 1 and lamp 2 indicators will flash red when the lamps have exceeded 1000 hours of service. This means they need to be replaced soon. The bulbs become more susceptible to bursting at power-on as time elapses.

Do not use a lamp other than the Digital Projection replacement lamp (Standard life lamp: 102-246). See manual page 9-2.


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