GE 1.5T Scanner


Technical Service


If the scanner is working, you can request service by clicking the iLinq button at the top left of the screen. Go to the "Contact GE" tab, fill out the request form, and submit it.

By Phone

Rebooting the Scanner

On occasion the MR system may get hung and need to be restarted. There are a number of scenarios that may cause this to happen, such as a full raw data space, but often as not the cause is unknown. There are 3 different reset procedures that may be performed depending on the symptoms. Be sure to keep your subjects informed throughout these procedures. The lights and the fan in the scanner bore, as well as the GE sound system, will go off during these procedures.

First Option: Reset TPS

Reset TPS is an intermediate system reset. This procedure will fix many of the normal processing problems.

Second Option: System Shutdown

Use this if resetting TPS does not work.

Third Option: Hard Reboot

Use this in the case of a total system freeze up. This will need to be done if the mouse is not responding.