Siemens 3T Scanner

The MR system is controlled by the actions of two independent but interconnected PC’s. The host PC is located in the cabinet next to the operating console. This PC acts a master controller of the complete scanning system. The recon PC is located on a table top in the equipment room. As the name suggests this PC performs the image reconstruction.


Technical Service

Phone Support

Siemens Uptime Service Center is available 24/7. Information for this center is located on the power control box on the wall above the scanning console. Calls are received by a dispatcher who takes the system info and a description of the problem then contacts a remote systems engineer. The usual procedure is for this engineer to then call back to the control room and address the problem with the scan operator. This call back time is usually 5 to 15min. The pertinent numbers are as follows:

On-Site Support

A local service engineer is available 8am-9pm Mon-Fri non-holidays. During these hours the Uptime Center will contact and dispatch the local engineer. Local service overtime is not authorized. If, after hours, phone support is unable to fix the problem, arrangements should be made for the local engineer to be on site the next business day.

Rebooting the Scanner

On occasion the MR system may get hung and need to be restarted. There are a number of scenarios that may cause this to happen. This system may give error messages but often these messages are of a cryptic nature. There are different reset procedures that may be performed depending on the symptoms.

The error messages appear in a dialog box which is accessed via the fid icon located at the very bottom of the screen. A system problem will be indicated by this icon having a red slash through it. Clicking on this icon will bring up this box and the message may give some details of the problem.

In the event of a scanner problem, information should be garnered to determine if a full system reset should be performed or if a sub-system reset is adequate. For a full system reset the time penalty will be approx 15min., a sub-system reset will be approx 5min. All boot procedures should be performed with the scan table all the way out to the home position.

Be sure to keep your subjects informed throughout these procedures. These procedures may take anywhere from 5 to 30min. It is the operator’s decision if they want to have the subject wait on the scan table or allow them to get up. All anatomical landmarks will be lost during this process. A new localizer scan will have to be performed. If care was taken during original subject positioning and with slice placement, the reset slice locations should be very close to the original locations.

First Option: Sub-System Reset

The system status may be determined by checking the system manager.

Second Option: System Reboot

If the prior steps do not clear the problem a complete system reboot may be performed. Using the System menu at the top of the screen, click on End Session, from this page click on Restart System. This will restart both the Host and Recon PC’s.

Third Option: Hard Reboot for Hardware Problems

If after a System Reboot, you still see error messages like "MR Scanner not ready", then shut the system down completely. Using the System menu at the top of the screen, click on End Session, from this page click on Shut Down System. After some time, you will be told the power down the system. Do this by pressing the blue System Off button up on the wall behind the desk (the key will need to be in the unlocked position). Wait for all of the hardware to turn off and cool down. After 3 minutes, press the blue System On button. Wait for the system to restart. Warning: This entire process will take 20 - 30 minutes. It restarts the gradient and receiver systems in addition to the computers.

Fourth Option: Hard Reboot for Hang

In the case of a total system freeze up a hard shutdown will have to be performed. This will need to be done if the mouse is not responding.