WaveTek Trigger Converter

WaveTek Function Generator (click for a closer look)

The function generator is designed to increase the voltage output which is used to trigger the stimulus PC. The connections from the scanner output (IPG J8) to the function generator (ext trigger) and from the function generator (main out) to the stimulus PC (parallel port) should always be intact.

BNC Connections:

Set the values of the generator as follows:

Set the buttons as indicated: PULSE, TRIG, OUTPUT. This will produce a pulse which will start with the first trigger it receives from the scanner and will continue throughout the length of the scan.

Use the FIELD and DIGIT buttons to move the cursor to the applicable field. Use either the keypad or the scroll knob to adjust the field values.

Pay particular attention to the field units, i.e. Hz vs mHz, V vs mV.